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He Puts His Client's Safety and Financial Interests
Above His Own Business Interests.

Steve has been an excellent teacher, mentor and consultant to me in all aspects of the home/building inspection business. What sets Steve apart from most other inspectors is his level of integrity, attention to detail, and his ability to communicate his findings and his vast experience both verbally and in his reports. He puts his client's safety and financial interests above his own business interests, patiently taking as much time as needed to inspect, explain and report the conditions of the building he is inspecting. I highly recommend Steve as an inspector and a teacher/mentor.

Gary DeWitt, CCI
DeWitt Inspections



UnSurpassed Guidance and Oversight
On Every Project

My name is Victor Serrao and I am the owner of Seaside Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide residential and commercial service and installation on all heating and air conditioning equipment.

I have had the pleasure to work with Steve Garcia on several properties and have found his guidance and oversight on each project to be unsurpassed. Steve assists the property owner in developing a well conceived plan of action to complete the project as efficiently and effectively as possible. Along the way Steve oversees each trade to assure all installations and or repairs are completed to code and with quality workmanship.

I can vouch that, as an owner, I do not see every aspect of every installation that my company provides. I have to rely on the workmanship and oversight of my job foreman. I can attest that Steve has caught a couple minor items during the installation procedure that even my own experienced and well trained technicians have missed. Steve is extremely thorough and guides the property owner on what are the most important aspects to be addressed and those that are not so important.

I believe that by utilizing Steve Garcia's unique skill set on any project that the result will be an actual decrease in overall project time and a more efficient progression through the entire process. The completed project will have no unturned stones. Steve will find any hidden problems or areas that need upgrading and address these with the property owner.

I highly recommend hiring Steve for any property inspection and I am confident he is one of few in Southern California that give as much attention to project detail and customer service.

Best Regards,

Victor Serrao
Seaside Air Conditioning and Heating
http://www.Seaside Air Conditioning and Heating


His experience, expertise and caring manner
saved us dollars and frustrations

We highly recommend Steve Garcia. When our offer to purchase an "as is" home in Laguna Beach was accepted, we searched for a respected and experienced professional to conduct the home inspection. Steve Garcia came highly recommended, and we are grateful for the referral.

Steve did a great job of walking us through the inspection process and spent hours going over every inch of the property. He was thorough and provided us with a detailed inspection report that included a Photo Supplement Report. The inspection report and the time Steve took to go over it with us, provided us with a valuable tool to successfully renegotiate the price of our home with the seller.

His experience, expertise and caring manner saved us dollars and frustrations.  Steve is a true professional who exemplifies excellent customer service;

Peggy Larson & Ravi Bhagat


We Can Recommend Steve Garcia With Complete Confidence

We gladly recommend Steve Garcia for residential home inspections. We have done business with Steve Garcia Inspections as well as recommended him to our family, friends and customers for over five years. We are pleased to report that all business has been conducted by Mr. Garcia and his company in a highly satisfactory manner. He has always been punctual, expedient and possesses an above average understanding of his profession in home inspections. We have found that he has a broad range of information that has been helpful to us. We can recommend Steve Garcia with complete confidence.;

R. Clay Lewis, Owner (949) 661-1451
RCL Construction.


Extremely Detailed Report

Subject: RE: Encino Inspection Photo Supplement
July 14, 2007


Thank you for the extremely detailed report, it looks great and I have already forwarded the copy onto my Realtor.

Again, thank you for all your time and effort.

Mona L


We Think You Saved Us A Lot Of Money

Subject: Re: Sierra Madre, Inspection Photo Supplement
March 30, 2007


Thanks, Steve. We think you saved us a lot of money…

We will let you know when we have another house to evaluate.

Hopefully it will be in muchbetter condition!

David & Jana


Holy Mack, This Is Awesome!

Subject: Re: Fullerton, Inspection Photo Supplement
March 26, 2007

Holy mack, this is awesome!              Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're really amazing at this: I've given your name and number to lots of colleagues and friends.

Irene P


Professional Approach

March 11, 2007


Thanks so much for your professional approach. Brian was right, you are very good.

Best of Luck!
Louise O


You have earned my trust. In fact, I am glad to know you!

October 20, 2006

Dear Steve,

I want to thank you for your personableness, first because with that you have earned my trust. In fact, I am glad to know you, even if a little, outside the business relation. Besides, you are a damn good Inspector! Secondly, sorry for the delay in getting to you this check. I must admit that I am taking advantage of our acquaintanceship to save me from bouncing a check. Regardless, your leeway is appreciated.

Marcos O


Someone Who Really Takes Pride In His Work
And Looks After The Best Interest Of His Clients

August 20, 2006


Thank you so much for your great report, I went to Kinko's this morning and printed a nice color copy so I could show my friends and family.  The owners were willing to work with us and give us a credit in escrow, but after talking to friends and family we have decided to walk away from this one. My wife is 10 weeks pregnant and we didn't want the added stress and uncertainty during this time in our lives.  There was just too much wrong with that house so we're going to keep looking and hope the next one is in better shape!

Thanks again, it was really nice and refreshing to meet someone that's not just out there to make a quick buck, but someone who really takes pride in his work and looks after the best interest of his clients.  You'll hear from us when we find the next one! I guarantee it!



I will Be Sure To Refer You Others At Every Opportunity

Law Offices
Limited Liability Partnership
2800 Donald Douglas Loop North
Santa Monica, California  90405

June 30, 2005
RE: 6445 Firebrand June 30, 2005

Dear Steve,

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank you for an excellent job with the property inspection.

As we discussed, I am overnighting a check to you in the amount of $550.00 for the cost of the inspection. Thanks again for your help and I'll be sure to refer you others at every opportunity.



It was time well spent to educate me about the home

October 8, 2002

Dear Steve,

I want to thank you for your thorough Inspection of my perspective home on Quinn Street. I was able to learn a lot from your inspection and explanation. It was time well spent to educate me about the home that I am in the process of buying.

I also appreciate the referrals you gave me for the roofing and pool services.

I will definitely refer you to my friends and family.

Fernando R


Valuable insight on items to follow-up on with our builder

October 12, 2002

Dear Steve,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the quality job you did on our home inspection this past weekend. The time you spent reviewing our home gave us valuable insight on items to follow-up on with our builder and will certainly result in us preserving the quality of our home for years to come.  Thanks again for all the hard work and the great job!

David C


He doesn't just use Generic Text
He writes comments specifically focused on
YOUR house and YOUR issues

(As seen in Angies List /CC to Steve)
Work Done:       Yes
           * More weight is given to a report where work has been completed

Work Completed Date:       September 22, 2009

Hire Again:       Yes

Approximate Cost:       $850.00

Description Of Work:       Home Purchase Inspection for Buyer

Member Comments:
If you want a thorough inspection, Steve is your guy. He performed a detailed inspection for me on a home I was considering purchasing, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The man is a fanatic for detail and identifying everything that is or might become a problem about a home, and that attitude combined with his deep knowledge as a California (CREIA) Master Inspector means that by hiring him you get major reassurance that you'll know what you're getting into with your home purchase. In my case, I got a 40+ page report with photos going through every system and room of the house in detail, highlighting problem areas (and Steve doesn't just use software that prints generic text for a type of defect like many inspectors do: he writes comments specifically focused on YOUR house and YOUR issues.) He is NOT the cheapest inspector you can find, but he's absolutely worth it: consider the potential costs of a shoddy inspector missing just one significant item in your home and it should be an easy decision to pay a little more. Buying a house? Hire him, end of story/review!


How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate?
Right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price?
I got more than my money's worth

How far in advance did you schedule the work?
Within a week

Did you find the company through Angie's List?

If yes, which source(s)?

If no, what was the other source?

Why did you choose this contractor?
Other, qualification as CREIA Master Inspector

Have you used this company before?
This is the first time I've used this company

What did you like most about this contractor?
Expertise & thoroughness

What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor?
Hire him; don't wimp out and go with a (text missing)

This is your space. Feel free to give us your two cents...
Be sure to check the CREIA certification of any Inspector.
Steve is a Master Inspector; he has completed over 1000 inspections and advanced training/testing. Most inspectors are CCI not (text missing)

Rob Neppell


I used your inspection to negotiate a 6% discount

Hi Steve,

You inspected a prospective home a few months ago and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have chosen you. I knew you were a little more expensive, but it was so worth it. I used your inspection to negotiate a 6% discount on my place and the best thing about it was that my first offer was 6% and they gave me all of it! The other benefit is that I know exactly what I’m buying and I’m now using your home inspection to guide all the needed updates and upgrades.

As I have people coming into the house to give me estimates they all (plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc) are so impressed with your work.

I will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a thorough and professional home inspection.
Thank you!

Mauricio Gormaz
Elementary Administrator
Mission School
5555 Howard Street
Ontario, CA 91762
Phone: (909) 627-3010
Fax: (909) 517-3971


Great guy
thorough as all heck
knows just about everything
and a pleasure to work with

(Directed to the H.O.A. /CC to Steve)
Curious how the neighbors are making it through these crazy storms. We’ve happily done OK other than a few window leaks ourselves (knock wood) --- how’s everyone else holding up?

I’ll also take this opportunity to make a recommendation:

General Inspector:
If you need a home inspector or simply someone to help you assess what to do in a situation, I cannot recommend Steve Garcia highly enough.
(, 1-714-264-5071 )
He is a CREIA Master Inspector did the pre-purchase inspection for our home, and

He continued to work with me doing
Quality Assurance Supervision of other Contractors

I had working on our house. Great guy, thorough as all heck, knows just about everything, and a pleasure to work with.

I have other contacts / recommendations for specific contractors, so if you’re looking for a specific need feel free to email me directly; my contact list has gotten pretty full with good folks to work with at this point.

Best to all and good luck to everyone keeping dry!

—Rob Neppell


Very Interesting and Informative Reading

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thanks Steve,

This makes for very interesting and informative reading.

We could have lived there for many years and not been aware of some of the issues and service information which you provided us through this inspection, so we're very pleased.

We will look at it in more detail tonight, and we'll be sure to let you know if we have any questions.

Best Regards,
Paul Stone


Our Agent Was Impressed

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the detailed report.

Our Agent was impressed!



Thanks for your Detailed and Expert Inspection

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks for your detailed and expert inspection of 2395 N Flower.

When I got home after your inspection, and used a calculator, it was apparent that I underpaid you a little bit. I think I wrote you a check for $662.50 and I am certain that 125 times 5.5 is actually $687.5. So I owe you twenty-five dollars. Should I mail a check for the extra $25 to the post office box address on your card? If not, let me know where to send it.

Nat Wilcox


Felt Like We Paid For
An Inspection and an Education

Saturday, July 3, 2010

To: "Steve Garcia"

Thank you for this thorough report.

We were very pleased with your work.

Felt like we paid for an inspection and an education.

We will contact you if any questions arise.

Kyu Ho


After we do the electrical work and some plumbing,
we would like to hire you again to look over the work

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi Steve,

Thanks for seeing our home today. We're glad to work with you again.

We are going to make some additional outlets in the kitchen and got an estimate (attached on page 2). Do you mind taking a look at it?

Do you think that this estimate was reasonable for the scope of work?

After we do the electrical work and some plumbing, we would like to hire you again to look over the work like you did today.

We appreciate your expertise.

Thank you!


Thorough and Meticulous, Far Exceeding my Expectations
You Have A Trained Eye

Paul Stone
Newport Beach, CA
September 2, 2010

Steve Garcia
Inspections By Steve

Dear Steve,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work you did in inspecting the Newport Beach condominium which my partner and I recently purchased. I feel I know more about the property than if I had lived there for 10 years. I had a previous home inspection on a condo I purchased in 1998, and the difference between that inspection and this one was like night and day.

Your inspection was thorough and meticulous, far exceeding my expectations. You were respectful toward me, my agent, and the seller's agent. You were careful to avoid any chance of property damage. For example, you put on shoe covers any time you entered the residence.

You have a trained eye. After you pointed out the subtle ceiling stains, they were obvious to me, but I never would have noticed them without your help. You spotted cracked roof tiles. You spotted an area of concern that the termite inspectors had missed. They returned and treated the area.

Particularly valuable to me were your observations and recommendations during the inspection itself, in conjunction with the extremely detailed inspection report which you produced for us. Not only did you point out areas of concern, but you educated us about the property, including the maintenance requirements of the various household systems. You also identified the likely reason for poor airflow in the heating/cooling system.

I unreservedly recommend your home inspection service. I think you provide a fantastic value to your clients. I’ve been bragging to friends that I found the best home inspector on the west coast.

Best Regards,
Paul Stone


It is a credit for their Inspector that he has the extensive knowledge to opine the great detail he presents.

Attachment to this message provides specific answers to each of the items (by number) cited in Addendum No. Two dated March 19, 2012. I empathize with the client for what might be a burden from 42 pages of text and pictures following great detail for the property. It is a credit for their inspector that he has the extensive knowledge to opine the great detail he presents.

Following our initial review of Mr. Garcia’s March 9, 2012 Inspection Report, I went to City of Irvine Building Department for clarifications rather than rely solely on my 40 years’ practice of Architectural and Construction services.
The attachment reflects confirmations at the City and describes actions to accommodate the requests.

Where the Addendum includes request for upgrades and various corrections not accepted, a rationale is offered. Each item not changed from existing (unchanged) is designated (U). Several instances present a caveat that we will proceed if directed by the buyer.

David V


You Certainly Get What You Pay For

Steve Garcia doesn't come cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. He did a thorough inspection of our house, garage, crawl space, attic, roof, and appliances. In the end, he produced an extremely thorough document with notes and photos on everything he observed.

Best of all, he encouraged us to negotiate repairs with the bank which our own agent said was something he had never seen happen. At such a moment, one grasps the great value of hiring someone without a financial interest in the outcome of the transaction. We ended up having those repairs paid by the bank — a value which outweighed Steve's fee by far.

In addition, Steve has provided -- at no charge -- additional consultation on our home improvement projects from replacing windows to drywalling our garage. He knows how to keep his customer happy even long after he's been paid.

The only thing to be wary of is that some of his observations can sound "extreme", especially to a first-time home buyer. Some things he noted during our walk-around sounded like they would be big problems, but when we asked him about them again, he made it seem like they were not a big deal. Just make you get second opinions on the big things -- or just ask Steve twice.

The next time we're in the market for a house, I'm calling Steve.

- Sam N., Orange, CA


You Definitely Need An Experienced Eye

Steve has inspected 2 properties for me so far and I really love his work and enjoy talking to him about the houses. He teaches so much about homes and how they are built. There may be cheaper inspectors but they will never be as thorough as this guy. He takes his time and there are many quality hours put into the inspection of your home. An average inspector will take 2-3 hours inspecting your house, but Steve will typically take at least 5 hours or a little more. Even newer homes need to be thoroughly inspected as they are very suspect in build quality. Don't risk buying a home without hiring the best inspector you can find -- you definitely need an experienced eye to look at everything. I would recommend Steve to anyone who needs a home inspection. He's worth every penny.

Jimmy C


The House Was Brand New
You Found 49 Things The Owner Agreed To Fix


Thanks for the thorough home inspection. We had previously bought a completely remodeled home and got an inexpensive home inspection. The inspector turned up a few very minor things. Once the first rain came we found out that he missed a lot. We had unsealed windows, unsecured skylights, flashing that blew right off the house.

Your inspection cost a little more but it was worth every penny. Although the house was brand new, you found 49 things the owner would agree to fix. Some were important safety issues and others could have been quite costly to fix down the road. We recommend your inspection to anyone buying a home.

Thanks again,
David and Quan P


Honest, Incredibly Responsive,
Highly Customer Focused,
And Very Knowledgeable


Steve Garcia Home Inspection services! Although I contacted Steve late on a Saturday night.... he called me back that same day. The next day, Sunday, he spent hours reading my many documents to get a grasp of the nightmare history in which a roofing contractor, Hogan Hammarstrom of Absolute Roofing, had done very shoddy roofing work at my home that violated many building codes and industry standards in August 2012.

In October 2012 the CSLB (state agency) found THOUSANDS of dollars of defective work by Absolute Roofing that required thousands of dollars of correction work. As promised, Steve called me back a second time on a Sunday. He spent over an hour providing his help and insights EVEN THOUGH he wasn't charging me!! He offered the name of another party who he thought could be of greater help to me. He even offered more of his help if the need arose. I found Steve Garcia to be honest, incredibly responsive, highly customer focused, and very knowledgeable!!!!



What A Find!!!

Every now and then you find someone who is excellent at what he does. That describes Steve Garcia.

Steve was highly recommended to me 15 years ago. His professionalism and attention to detail, and, willingness to hold my hand through the inspection process put this first-time home buyer at ease

Through the years, whenever I have had work done on my house, Steve has been available to answer questions and address my concerns. Most importantly, he instructs me to inform the Contractors that he will be inspecting their work! That works like a charm and has saved me from many a sleepless night

On several occasions, Steve has actually spoken to the Contractors to share opinions regarding the task at hand. He has never sent me a bill for this "extra" effort.

Steve and I are not friends - we have never socialized, and yet, he treats me like a friend and cares about my house like it is his own!!

Jay Weinstein


My Most Discriminating Buyers Are Beyond Impressed

I've been in real estate for almost 20 years and have never encountered an inspector as thorough and knowledgeable as Steve Garcia. My most discriminating buyers are beyond impressed with him. I'm happy to recommend him; so much so, that I've used him for my personal transactions. Apart from conducting the most in depth inspections, Steve brings peace of mind to any transaction because as the agent you know you've got someone who's got your back and as the buyer/seller you've got someone who is looking out for your investment.

I've enjoyed working with Steve and learned so much from him.

Thanks Steve!


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